SFH (Soldiers From Hell) is a multi-game squad in the 3 games listed above.

The following paragraphs are our code of conduct, which MUST be adhered to at all times. Please read and understand our position on these matters, if you are considering a request to join.

1. Members must have an active yahoo! instant messenger account so they can be contacted for up-coming events such as server announcements.

Obtain YIM! at this link:YIM!

members must also have TEAM SPEAK voice communication obtained at:TEAM SPEAK

This program is used to allow the team to communicate with each other over an active voice conference.

Ezboard global account. You need this to be able to keep up on whats going on with the squad on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

ALL members and prospective BHD and JO members MUST have a legal, store bought copy of BLACK HAWK DOWN WITH THE TEAM SABRE EXPANSION PACK, AND/OR JOINT OPERATIONS WITH THE ESCALATION EXPANSION PACK. they must also be able to log into novaworld. you cannot join SFH if you are unable or unwilling to log into novaworld for BHD and JO/JO:E.

Members must also provide an active E-mail address.

Failure to maintain any of the above items, may result in you being unable to be considered for recruitment, or you could be dismissed from the squad.

2. We all know that there are cheaters out there in DF games these days. Members of SFH are allowed to acknowledge them as such “CHEATERS” with proof. However, use of profanity or degrading SFH squad members or others playing the game is strictly prohibited. We want SFH and its members to be respected for our talents. Should you happen to witness a player acting inappropriately, you should take action by reporting it to the server of the game to handle this situation appropriately. alternately, you may report these problems to the forum on the squad website where it will be handled by the assigned Master at Arms.

3. Under NO circumstances do we allow ANY type of cheating.

Our definition of cheating consists of: any type of alteration to game play, such as code tampering, external enhancement(trainers), and glitching.

Glitching consists of anything within the game that can be used to your advantage that affects gameplay to your favor.

Examples of glitching:

Hiding inside of an object where you can see the battlefield and make kills, but no one is able to kill you without an explosive device(wall shooting).

Shooting up through elevated objects, where you can see the enemy looking up, but they cannot see you looking down.

3a. Stat padding in NOVAWORLD servers will not be allowed. there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for ANY1, even non-SFH members, to be stat padding to increase their overall NOVAWORLD stats.

Any member caught glitching, cheating or stat padding will be dealt with swiftly, up to and including, the member being dismissed from our roster.

3b. Members may NOT use any 3rd party software that could get them banned from NovaWorld. This includes any NOCD patches. Any members found out to be using 3rd party software that leads to their account being banned from NW, will be up for review to be dismissed from the squad without or without a vote.

4. All members are required to post in our forums at least once a month, but must read them once per week, minimum. Roll call posting once per month is also a requirement to maintain your position on the active roster.

5. Upon the squad granting your membership to SFH, you cannot be a member of any other squad that plays in BHD or JO/JO:E(double tagging). Any member who is discovered playing for another squad will be dismissed by the voting process set up for our squad. this will be enforced using the pcid searcher to determin if a member might be double tagging. Members of SFH can play for allied squads, but you must display your SFH tags.

You may play for another squad in a game that SFH does NOT participate in(i.e. america's army, medal of honor, df land warrior, etc.). This will not constitute double tagging.

6. All people being considered for recruitment into SFH MUST play in an SFH operated public server when they are running. THERE WILL BE NO RECRUITMENT FROM A NOVA SERVER! All prospective recruits must be available for a period of at least 4 completed maps, and obtain the 3 above requirements before acceptance to the squad will be considered.

7. Any member can be considered for various positions within the squad. Providing the best qualities and a display of leadership skills from any individual, will be given the recognition they deserve. But remember, there is ALWAYS room for improvement, no matter the situation.

8. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

Well, what ya think? let us know that you are interested in joining us by posting in the recruiting forum and playing in our servers.